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Hello colleagues,

There are three financial institutions for salary transfer in our school at present, namely the Post Office, E.SUN Bk. and H.N. Bk.

  1. If you want to change your salary account number or other details, please log in to this system and make the change.

  2. After your salary account is opened, you are eligible to receive the benefits provided that your salary is allocated to the salary account on a monthly basis. After a certain number of months without a salary transfer, the bank will cancel or suspend the benefits of your account. Please file reimbursement requests on schedule in order to avoid the latter issue.

  3. For the offers and services provided by E.SUN Bk. and H.N. Bk., please refer to http://homepage.ntu.edu.tw/~ntufinance/preference.htm
    Please read the conditions carefully and choose a preferred financial institution for your salary account.

  4. Our system collects account information as the reference for salary transfers. Please ensure that the information you fill in is correct. Any errors will affect your salary payment. Account information is stored in the cashier database and can be changed online by yourself or by emailing cashier@ntu.edu.tw for assistance.

  5. You can only choose one of the three financial institutions for salary transfer. The account information changed here will be updated simultaneously with the Cashier System and Accounting System. However, it will not affect the salary that has been registered but not yet paid.

After reading and agreeing to the above instructions, click the button below to make changes.